Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Skydome rotation

Here's how to constrain the skydome rotation to the camera:
  1. Create a group for the skydome (skydome_GRP)
  2. Parent constrain skydome_GRP to the layout camera (driver: camera, driven: skydome_GRP), maintaining offset and ONLY constraining translation values
  3. Open the expression editor and create a new expression (skyRot)
  4. Enter these expressions (<skydome> is the name of the sky GEOMETRY, not group and <camera> is the full name of the layout camera):
int $ct = `currentTime -q`;
float $rx = `getAttr -time $ct <camera>.rotateX` - `getAttr -time 1 <camera>.rotateX`;
float $ry = `getAttr -time $ct <camera>.rotateY` - `getAttr -time 1 <camera>.rotateY`;
float $rz = `getAttr -time $ct <camera>.rotateZ` - `getAttr -time 1 <camera>.rotateZ`;
float $deg = 0.8;
<skydome>.rotateX = $deg * $rx;
<skydome>.rotateY = $deg * $ry;
<skydome>.rotateZ = $deg * $rz;
Hit create expression and you're done!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Simple Fog

Hey guys, there is a really quick and easy way to get atmospheric effects in your shots by following this tutorial.

The only problem is that it doesn't really work with transparency in cards very well.  I'm still working on a solution, but if you think your scene could use this we'll figure it out.  I'll keep you posted.