Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Overcast Matte Paintings 1

Here are the first 2 matte paintings I've completed for the overcast scenes. Judging by the color temperature and value change between these two, it is possible that the lighter one may need a second version or an extension on the bottom for the shot where he jumps off the cliff that shows a progression into the darker purple.
 This painting is for the extreme wide shot where he's going down the vertical cliff, and any boulder/tree dodging shots that come after it.  There are background and foreground layers here so we can place the cliff between the two.
This painting is for the opening foggy shots.  I'm assuming the composition and tone values will be greatly affected by the fog that we put in from the effects team, so I kept the values more in a mid-grey range with the light portion where the flag will be.

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