Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Subsurface Scattering and Colorbleeding settings

For SubsurfaceScattering:
  • Create SSset (Select Gus skin geometry > Create > Set options > name SSset)
  • Create SSlightSet (Select all lights except for environment lights)
  • Under RenderMan Controls > SSRender
    • Set Camera to SSCam
    • Set Object Set to SSset
    • Set Light Set to SSlightSet
For Colorbleeding:
  • Create radiositySet (Select all geometry except for glass surfaces > Create > Set options > name radiositySet)
    • NOTE: Don’t forget to add all bounce cards to the set!
  • Select colorbleed environment light
    • go into Attribute Editor and click the arrow next to Bake Shadowing (rmanRenderRadiosityPass)
    • Set Camera to radiosityCamShape
    • Set Object Set to radiositySet
    • Set Shading Rate to 10.0 for now (2.0 for final renders)

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